Construction of the Kemerovo International Airport named after A.A. Leonov. Chronology of the project


LMS is the General Contractor for the construction of a new air terminal complex for domestic airlines at Kemerovo International Airport, which included the terminal building, main entrances to it, several parking lots for 200 parking spaces for short-term and long-term car storage. The new terminal was built in 12 months and put into operation in May 2021. But due to the difficulties of the pandemic period and subzero temperatures, the terminal was actually built in 8 months of effective work of the general contractor. The opening of the new airport is timed to coincide with the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass.

2020, May.

A contract has been signed for the construction of the A.A. Leonov International Airport in Kemerovo.

2020, July.

Excavation works on the construction of a pit of a building and the removal of networks. Piles are submerged and a foundation is erected, Reinforcement, concrete and construction of monolithic walls of the lower level.

2020, August.

Concrete-laying of the structural structures of the building - 2,300 m3 of concrete. Wall Filling, Reinforcement, Masonry Set and Monolithic Construction of the Second Floor Cover. Preparation for Concrete Foundation of the Pumping Station. Installation of cable line and outdoor electricity supply, running water, pressure and no-pressure sewage system. Installation of heating systems has been completed. Preparation of documents for the commissioning of the thermal circuit.

2020, November.

More than 450 construction workers are involved. Reinforced concrete monolithic framework of the building is erected. Installation of metal structure of roof and profiled sheet. Installation of glazing elements of the facades of the terminal. The laying of outer networks is finished.

2020, December.

Modern large building equipment is used in 20 units. Installation of facade glazing. Interior finishing of premises. The work of taking out and laying of external networks, monolithic works have been completed. About 7 thousand cubes. of concrete have been laid.

2021, January.

Installation of external networks: water pipes, sewers, heat pipes has been completed. A permit has been obtained to permit the start-up of a thermal power plant in Rostekhnadzor. Installation of facade glazing - 70%. 600 tons of metal structures - more than 95% of the required volume. On the cantilever part of the roof there are 4 919m2 proflists - 91% of the total volume. Interior decoration of the airport building: partitions - 95%, decoration of walls, installation of floor and wall tiles. The finishing of the checkpoint and the pumping station is in progress.

2021, February.

Delivery of telescopic stairways. Stairways are 25 metres long, 3.8 metres wide and the weight of one of the heaviest parts 28 tons. 2021, March. The facility employs 700 people. The facade works are 100% complete. Roofing works are 90%. Finishing works are 85%. Baggage system and elevators at 95%. Check-in desks at 100%.

2021, April.

A two-level system of passenger and baggage service is implemented.

2021, May.

The Rostekhnadzor report on the completion of the construction was received. «Rosseti» has raised the level of reliability of the airport’s electricity supply and has provided capacity to the new passenger terminal. Parking spaces for 200 cars have been set up. The opening is dedicated to the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass.

The new airport is:

  • 11 635 m2 - terminal area
  • 50,000 m2 - total building area with amenities
  • 460 persons/ per hour - passenger capacity
  • 273,000 people - terminal capacity

The new terminal will increase the level of air traffic demand in Kemerovo and increase the level of passenger comfort.

LMS has proved to be a reliable general contractor for the construction of international airports in Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, New Urengoy and other infrastructure. The construction of the Alexey Leonov International Airport in Kemerovo will occupy a worthy place in the portfolio of implemented projects of the company.