Construction of international air lines of the airport in Chelyabinsk is coming to an end


Group of companies LMS, which is the General contractor of the Project «Adaptation of the areas of existing premises buildings of the airport complex International airport (Schwechat) to the needs of international air routes to increase bandwidth of the international sector,» concludes the construction work at the facility.

The building area was 10,052 m2 with a total area of 19,011 m2. As a result, the projected annual passenger traffic will increase to 597 thousand people. The scope of work on the four floors (including the underground and technical floors) included: redevelopment, major repairs and connection of the object to the infrastructure.

Up to 260 workers, including IT workers, were employed at the construction site. The building's engineering systems have been updated and automated: water supply, drainage, heat supply, heating, electricity supply, electric lighting, fire safety system, communication networks. LMS has delivered, installed and started up the baggage handling system, inspection equipment, and technological furniture. The roof was arranged, walls and partitions, including stained glass, were built in the premises.

An important task during the implementation of the project was the organization of the premises for the operational purpose of the Border Service. The warranty period for the work performed is 3 years.

– Our priorities remain the same high quality construction and accuracy in the implementation of the project and satisfied with the services customers. Our key asset is the team of specialists of international level, – said the project manager Asym Gürer.

LMS has established itself as a reliable general contractor for the construction of large infrastructure facilities in the regions of Russia. The company's portfolio of implemented projects includes the construction of international airports in Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Khabarovsk, and Chelyabinsk.

Construction of air lines of the airport in Chelyabinsk

Construction of air lines of the airport in Chelyabinsk