Construction of the new AVK Magadan is ahead of schedule


The General Contractor LMS Group of Companies build a new air terminal complex of the Magadan International Airport at a high pace.

During the summer, a huge volume was completed ahead of schedule, specialists are assembling metal structures on the last third floor on the site. In winter, interior decoration works are planned.

The builders have completed the laying of five kilometers of heating mains for the future new airport terminal. Pipes insulated for northern conditions were laid to a depth of three meters. The networks going to the old airport building are not designed for heavy load. The specialists of the general contractor had to build the entire heat supply system from scratch.

Imam Atalay, Foreman of Mechanical works: «The pipeline has been installed for almost five kilometers. For us, the most difficult part was the delivery of materials via the sea route. Each container was delivered for 20-25 days.»

The delivery of materials is carried out by sea – almost the main difficulty of this construction. At the same time, work schedules are even ahead, creating a reserve for the future. The future parking lot has already been built and paved – the largest in the region, it is designed for parking five hundred cars at once. Now this parking lot is temporarily used for storage of building materials.

Elchin Sefatov, Deputy Project Manager: «Everything has been ordered ahead of time, all materials arrive on time. Because, again, everything is ordered ahead of time. There are no problems with people either. Everyone is working. 350 people are involved at the site.»

By winter, the builders plan to build a temporary contour of the building, a permanent one will appear in April-May. The pace of work is high, for severe frosts, and in these places it can be minus forty, we are ready.

Ilhan Musa Ozkoc, project manager: «By winter we will close the temporary thermal circuit, we will continue work non-stop. As always, we will work around the clock. And we will continue metal installation and installation of the facade and roof. We won't stop the construction in winter. We have experience. We have built a New Urengoy airport.»

350 people work at the facility around the clock.

It is planned to complete the construction of the new Magadan Airport terminal complex at the end of 2024.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to customers who entrust us with the implementation of their projects again qualitatively and on time.

Construction of the new AVK Magadan is ahead of schedule-photo-1 Construction of the new AVK Magadan is ahead of schedule-photo-2 Construction of the new AVK Magadan is ahead of schedule-photo-3