Shopping center «Stolitsa»: as it was


We present to you the time-lapse of the construction of the Multifunctional Office-Business Centre «Stolitsa» in Moscow. It has been successfully functioning for more than a year.

Let’s remind, construction started in May 2019. The area of the building is 16 310 m2. On the three floors (the first floor mixed with parking) of the modern shopping centre are located areas of the food court, administrative and storage rooms, as well as premises for the maintenance of the shopping complex. The shopping area is divided by a spacious gallery. In its central part, as well as above the food court, there are atriums providing natural lighting, creating a feeling of a large free space at the expense of gaps in the overlapping (second light).

The project included landscaping: lawns, shrubs, small architectural forms (benches and urns), paths and pavement tiles.

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