LMS Technologies: Мembrane waterproofing of the foundation


Today in our new 'LMS Technologies' we will talk about the main purpose of waterproofing in construction, as well as laminated waterproofing of the foundation.

The main purpose of waterproofing is to protect buildings from the negative effects of water. Penetrating into the underground part of the building, water reduces its operational properties and worsens the microclimatic conditions indoors.

In addition, water penetrating into the building structures causes corrosion of the reinforcement and destruction of the concrete, which deteriorates the static properties of the structure, leading to its severe degradation.

Waterproofing performs important tasks:

  • strengthens the foundation and prolongs its service life;
  • prevents distortion of the walls of the house and the formation of cracks;
  • prevents leakage of walls and the presence of water in the basement, the formation of mold.

Foundation waterproofing is the basis of high-quality construction work. The stronger is the foundation, the more reliable and safer is the construction of the building. The main construction material for the foundation is concrete. Concrete is hygroscopic and well absorbs moisture, which over time leads to its leaching. Leaching increases the porosity of the cement stone and reduces its strength.

Мembrane waterproofing of the foundation is a method of waterproofing in which insulation materials are glued to the surface of the foundation.

Beforehand the foundation is brought in the proper condition: level it, remove possible defects of concreting, clean it from dirt, dust, grease, debris and sand. Then specialists glue the waterproofing materials to the base of the building. These works are performed using melted bitumen, which is heated to a certain temperature, using special equipment - a construction hair dryer, a gas burner or a welding machine.

Adhesive materials include:

  • roofing felt - the most popular method;
  • asphalt - thick cardboard impregnated with bitumen binder;
  • polymeric materials with bitumen impregnation.

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