LMS Technologies: Sandwich panels


Sandwich panel is a facing material used in construction, repair and production of interior items.

Each sandwich panel plate consists of two outer sheets and a layer of insulation between them. The vapor barrier layer protects against condensation. Special locking connections are designed for connecting adjacent blocks. Adjacent surfaces are securely fixed with special glue and pressing. The rigid lining is resistant to external influences.

What are sandwich panels?

According to their purpose, facing plates are divided into wall and roofing.

External and interior partitions are assembled from wall series. In some cases, the performance characteristics are suitable for the installation of floor coverings, floors on the basement and ground floors.

Roofs are assembled from roofing modifications. Sandwich panels protect from wind, precipitation, heat leaks.

Sandwich panels of piecemeal assembly belong to a separate category. Galvanized steel profile is combined with high-performance insulation. The wind and hydro protection system provides high resistance to any weather conditions. Piecemeal assembly kits are known for good noise insulation, economy, maintainability.

Advantages of sandwich panels:

  • Mobility. The plates have standard dimensions and light weight.
  • High speed of construction. Due to the low weight, the overall load on the foundation and floors is reduced. It is possible to reduce the design strength of the base, use inexpensive design solutions, reduce the cost of constructing the object. In some cases, it is possible to dispense with the use of heavy construction equipment, which also increases speed and reduces construction costs.
  • Metal and plastic are not affected by fungi, mold. The protective polymer coating prevents the destruction of the material by chemicals. The cladding withstands constant temperature changes, high humidity.
  • Good thermal insulation. Due to the low thermal conductivity, heating costs are reduced many times. The use of thinner partitions increases the usable area of the premises. Sandwich panels are widely used for the reconstruction and repair of facades, improving thermal insulation characteristics.
  • Durability. The standard service life of buildings exceeds 40 years.
  • Maintainability. If one of the sections is damaged, the element is dismantled and quickly replaced with a new plate.
  • Reasonable cost.

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