Construction technologies: PREFAB


Investors, business contractors and end-users in the construction industry are increasingly demanding for the timing, quality and price of projects. Will the relatively new term PREFAB (Prefabricated home) become the optimal solution to the problem posed by the changing expectations and needs of the customers?

It should be pointed out at once that for a country with an old, long history of modular-frame housing (prefabricated modular houses in the Far North, for example) the technology is not new. The name has been changed and the process of constructing has been modernized. How much PREFAB is needed in the activities of large generic contractors today? About this we asked the expert - Enis Dumanogullari, the project coordinator of the LMS Group of Companies:

- «Prefab» technology - pre-fabrication of individual elements of a future building in factory conditions, and then there is assembly of elements by design type on a building site.

This modular method of construction is quite popular and has been successfully used in both small and multi-story construction worldwide.

The prefab reduces the financial and time costs of the works, but has its own specific application. In LMS facilities we use prefabricated technologies in the construction of temporary structures - offices, dining rooms, warehouses, or in the construction of auxiliary rooms, for example boiler rooms, that is, in case there are no special requirements for individual design of structures.

LMS group of companies as a general contractor implements projects using PREFAB technology:

  • multifunctional integrated housing development. The technology is used in the construction of temporary structures on the territory of the building site: dormitory, office, dining hall.
  • Construction of airport infrastructure. Modular constructions are involved in the construction of the boiler house as well as temporary constructions on the territory of the construction site.

In the portfolio of implemented projects LMS, which proved to be a reliable general contractor - construction of international airports in Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo, as well as other infrastructure facilities on the territory of Russia.

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