Shopping center «Nebo»: the dynamics of construction in July


LMS specialists at the Nebo shopping and entertainment center (Moscow) are completing the insulation of floors and the installation of sandwich panels. A large-scale process of connecting communication networks began.

Currently, a number of large-scale interior finishing works have approached the level of 100% readiness: flooring for technical rooms and stairwells (100%), flooring with an antistatic coating (98%), and floor screed (100%). The work on plastering (99%) and stopping walls (99%) has been practically completed.

Communication networks are being actively connected: an automatic fire alarm system (85%), a warning and evacuation control system in case of fire (75%), and a security alarm system (80%).

The total area of ​​the building is 50,533 m2. The facility involved 31,000 m3 of reinforced concrete and 358 tons of steel structures.

The customer of the project is Stolitsa Management MC. The construction completion date is September 2021.

The LMS group of companies confirms its reputation as a reliable general contractor, fulfills its obligations to customers with high quality and on time, who trust us to implement their projects.