New airport Platov becomes operational in Rostov-on-Don


New airport Platov becomes operational in Rostov-on-Don

New airport Platov, named after famous Cossack ataman Matvey Platov, started operation on the 7thof December, 2017 in Rostov-on-Don. Airport complex was built from the ground up, in fact in the open fields, especially by the beginning of the World Football Cap. Rostov-on-Don is one of the cities, selected for the arrangement of championship competitions. Modern air terminal with the airport capacity up to 5 000 000 passengers per year accepted and sent first flights this morning.

At 11 o’clock of Moscow time precisely first plane with the passengers from Moscow landed at the new airport Platov. This is the first airport on this scale and standard that was not reconstructed, but was built from scratch in Russia. Even three years ago it was an open country in this place. Today here it is a huge international air complex which will work like a large connection airport, in consequence of its proportions and advantageous geographical location.

Total area of passenger terminal is 50 000 m2. Air capacity is 2 000 passengers per hour or 5 000 000 passengers per year. As alleged by specialists, this amount could be doubled if situation so requires.

As contrasted with the old one, new airport is equipped with state-of-the-industry telescopic passageways and landing strip of 3 600 meters lengthways – it’s 1 000 meters longer than the old one.

Airport Platov has the capacity to accommodate airplanes of all latter-day kinds.