Video flyby from the drone of the Eastern Exit in Ufa in December


LLC LMA, a member of the LMS Group of Companies, continues construction on all sites of the large-scale project Eastern Exit to the federal highway M-5 Ural in Ufa.

Construction of a tunnel:

  • During the construction of the southern and northern parts of the tunnel, work is being carried out on the advance fastening of the vault, driving and the device of the primary support with the simultaneous strengthening of the base of the tunnel by injection with grouting mortars.
  • Depending on the type of structures, the following types of waterproofing are used — injection waterproofing with acrylate gel, sprayed and glued waterproofing. At the moment, injection waterproofing with acrylate gel has been completed. All other types of waterproofing are made gradually as the construction of permanent structures.
  • The permanent structures of the North and South tunnels are being installed – a tunnel crown, a tunnel crown and a side support.
  • The erection of the central support of the tunnel has been full completed.
  • Retaining walls are being erected at the Eastern portal (exit from the tunnel to the bridge across the Ufa river) as part of anti-landslide measures.
  • Within the framework of the arrangement of the complex of treatment facilities, work has been completed on the installation of a catch basin.
  • Retaining walls are being erected at the Western portal in the open part of the tunnel, the basement of the South tunnel is being grouting and the tunnel crown of the open part is waterproofed.

Construction of a bridge across the Ufa River:

  • The plugging of the pile base continues, the readiness is 69%.
  • The installation of bored piles on support No. 3 has been completed.
  • 60% of grillages, 40% of posts and heads of the bridge supports are being built.
  • The enlarged assembly of the steel structures of the superstructure is underway, 18% are ready.
  • For the construction of the slipway, the installation of crane runways, a multi-ton crane and auxiliary structures have been completed.

Construction of an overpass:

  • The works on plugging the pile base have been completed.
  • The construction of concrete structures for the trestle supports continues. At the moment, 80% of the grillages, 75% of the support bodies and 69% of the crossbars have been completed.
  • 39% of the installation of beams on the overpass supports has been completed, work has begun on the installation of the superstructure slabs – 7%.

Construction of a highway and traffic interchanges:

  • The specialists of the general contractor LMA are working on the construction of the subgrade and culverts.
  • At the stage of completion of work on straightening the channels.
  • Areas are being prepared for the construction of a road maintenance enterprise.
  • There is an active extraction and transportation of sand and gravel mixtures from several quarries.

2466 people are involved in the construction of the facility, including engineering and technical personnel. The vehicle fleet includes 220 units of construction machinery and special-purpose equipment.

Video flyby from the drone of the Eastern Exit in Ufa in December-photo-1 Video flyby from the drone of the Eastern Exit in Ufa in December-photo-2 Video flyby from the drone of the Eastern Exit in Ufa in December-photo-3 Video flyby from the drone of the Eastern Exit in Ufa in December-photo-4