Q&A on the topic of procurement during the sanctions


We are often asked questions about how LMS Group ensures procurement for projects under construction in connection with the sanctions imposed. The Communications Department has prepared answers.

  • How will support and import to Russia of foreign equipment that has already been laid in Russian projects be ensured?

— It is worth noting that the first sanctions were imposed in 2014, and since then, some supplies have fallen under restrictions. Over these years, we have managed to establish effective mechanisms for an uninterrupted supply of the necessary equipment. Imports of foreign products and equipment, for which there is no alternative in friendly countries and domestic manufacturers, are made through the nearest neighboring countries. The rest of the missing items the customers rewrite in the vendor lists*.

Also, in addition to the ability to import equipment that comes via friendly countries, you must have access to technical support certificates and activation codes. For example, server equipment. Part of the functionality is launched through the activation code. If there is no possibility to buy this activation code, the equipment cannot work, and without technical support certificates there will be no extended warranty. This is the direction our system integrator partners are now looking for solutions.

  • What is the situation with equipment purchase at the objects under construction?

— In seven currently ongoing projects our company has found the necessary design solutions to provide our customers with all the necessary equipment and technical support.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, the Group of Companies «LMS» qualitatively and in time performs its obligations to customers who entrust us again the implementation of their projects.

*Vendor List - a list of Russian and foreign suppliers who can produce or supply material and technical resources of a certain type, corresponding to the general criteria requirements for the construction of a particular project. It is implemented with the participation of Russian and foreign contractors and investors.


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