The Eastern exit from Ufa to the highway M-5 Ural in October`21


The Eastern exit from Ufa to the federal highway M-5 Ural is recognized as one of the most important and unique investment projects of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The project fulfills an important mission — to unload street traffic by connecting the city center of Ufa with Zaufimye across the Ufa River (Ufimka).

The general contractor, the LMSch Group of Companies, is implementing three important infrastructure projects: a tunnel, a bridge over the Ufimka River and a road. The total length of the facility is 13.9 km.

  • Road tunnel is over 1.2 km long. The tunnel is supposed to have 4 traffic lanes, two lanes, 3.5 m wide in each direction. The depth of the tunnel is 63 m.
  • Bridge crossing with a flyover across the Ufa River. The structure with a length of more than 2.6 km will be located on 72 supports, which will protect the bridge from floods and keep the river navigable.
  • The M-5 «Ural» highway with the Eastern exit will be connected by a large two-level transport interchange. The Eastern Exit project provides for the construction of the cloverstack interchange with the Fedorovka – Shaksha road, and a section of the highway over 10 km. Traffic regulation and control will be automated throughout.

For the special project for the Day of the Republic of Bashkortostan, our management told in an interview how the work at the facility is progressing. We wish you a pleasant viewing!