East exit from Ufa: work boils simultaneously at all sites


Experts of LMA have finished preparation (tamponage) of the ground on the 1st and 2nd supports of the bridge. The total volume of work taking into account the tamponization of the pile base is 52 per cent. Work on the construction of rosters of bridge supports is 20 per cent complete. Started the ground assembly of metal structures of steel bridge.

On another large-scale site, the tunnel continues to be constructed, with about 20 per cent of the work completed. 5,900 out of 27,300 cubic meters of concrete are torpedoed. Remember, the stage includes two tunnels 1.2 km long, two lanes each. The width of the road will be 8.5 m x 2.

LMA specialists slaughtered more than 4,300 prismatic piles (85%) on a 2,200 m stretch of construction. Completed device 142 buronabic piles (about 60%). Concrete of rosters and racks continues.

The preparatory stage of work on a 12 km road section (cutting of the ground cutting of greenery, straightening of the channel, dismantling of existing structures) has been almost fully completed. In addition, 315,000 of 850,000 cubic meters of soil were excavated. Of these 115,000 cubic meters were excavated on the main road and 200,000 cubic meters on the interchange.

Let us remind, the capacity of the construction facility will be 22 700 vehicles per day.

Customers of the project - Bashkortostan Republic in person of the State Committee for Transport and Road Economy and LLC «Bashkir Concession Company».

The completion date is September 2023.