Pit earthworks for Kemerovo new airport main building are finished


Construction of a new airport complex for Kemerovo International aiport domestic airlines is being implemented in accordance with the schedule despite COVID pandemy detrimental effect. New terminal is going to be commissioned in spring of 2021 and to be coincided with the Kuzbass 300 years anniversary celebration.

In July 2020 pit earth works for the airport main building were completed and utilities network were preliminary relocated from the site area. Piles have been driven for the piling field under the foundations and the airport building foundations works are also completed. Piles for tower cranes supportive foundations are driven for high-rise construction works. Foundation structure and beams have been underpoured.

At present lower level reinforcement, concreting and further in-situ walls works are being performed. Reinforcement works, formworks and in-situ works for further structures - walls, beams and building bearing columns are in progress.

Pit earthworks for Kemerovo airport main building are finished - Photo 1

Together with airport complex building construction, network utilities relocation has been arranged, which pass the area of laying new engineering networks - water supply, heating and sewage lines. Before heating season heat supply networks are planned to be finished. Excavation works for non-pressure canalization trench have been started. Further stages of recharge wells in-situ works,trenches and concrete trays for heating and water supply piping are on -going.

Constructon works are being implemented at a few zones at the same time. Meanwhile steel structures are being fabricated in factory environment for the airport building.

Pit earthworks for Kemerovo airport main building are finished - Photo 2

In May 2020 LMS LLC was awarded the tender and signed the contract for construction of Kemerovo domestic airlines new airport complex. The new terminal will be located in a three-storeyed building close to the operative domestic airlines terminal.

The project comprises 2-level scheme of technological passenger and luggage handling. The project commisiioning stage is in May 2021.

Construction area is 5 080 m2. Total airport complex area is 11 635 m2. Landscaping area - 23 1343.86 m2. Designed passenger flow of the new airport complex is 460 passengers per hour.