Residential complex Simvol: reached the zero mark of the building


At the moment, construction work is underway on the site of the future building of the residential complex Simvol. In the 17th and 18th buildings, a zero level of pouring concrete foundations has been achieved. This implies the beginning of the stage of work on the erection of the supporting structures of the future structure. Also, in these buildings, works on the installation of sheet piling have been completed (100%).

Work is actively underway to waterproof the building's foundation.

At the construction site, LMS specialists continue to work on pouring a concrete base in the future parking lot and a two-story stylobate. At the site of the 16th building, earthworks are being carried out to develop the soil, move it, lay it and compact it. Soon the strengthening of the walls of the pit of the 18th building will begin.

This project, with a total area of ​​93,729 m2, provides for the construction of three buildings with more than 900 apartments within the framework of a multifunctional complex residential development. The buildings are united by a two-storey stylobate, as well as a single two-level underground parking for 450 cars.

The customer of the project is the Donstroy company.

LMS Group, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, fulfills its obligations to customers with high quality and on time.