Housing complex «Symvol»: Foundation works in progress


Work is continuing on the construction of the foundation of constructing buildings 16, 17, 18 of the residential complex «Symvol» in Moscow. 2,900 m3 of concrete, totalling 2,353 m2.

The LMS Group of Companies, the General Contractor, carried out 63% of the excavation work. The production of hydro-insulation of the foundation is 20% ready. The work on casing fences is being completed (83%) and 566 splints are slaughtered.

The construction site has 291 workers. The project, with a total area of 93,729 m2, envisages the construction of three buildings for 922 apartments as part of a multifunctional integrated housing development. The buildings will be combined by a two-story stylobat, as well as a single two-level underground parking for 449 cars.

The customer of the project is «Donstroy».

GK LMS, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, fulfils its obligations to customers on time and quality.