Industrial production in the modern world determines the quality of life and standard of living of the inhabitants of the developed world. Industrial buildings and constructions are indispensable attributes of any modern city.

Industrial construction is a complex of construction and installation works for the construction of industrial objects, both new and refurbished, modernized or extended. This area is characterized by a large volume of construction work, a variety of design and architectural solutions, a high labor intensity and a considerable investment in construction.

Industrial facilities fall into the special category of buildings and differ significantly in their technical characteristics, not only from residential or administrative structures, but also from the type of production activity carried out.


All industrial facilities are divided into several categories:

For the purpose of production:

  • Workshops for the production of products for various purposes;
  • Energy objects;
  • Service and production facilities;
  • Transport installations;
  • Warehousing terminals.

Branches of industrial production:

  • Chemical industry
  • The metallurgical industry;
  • Food industry
  • The medical and pharmaceutical industry;
  • Wood processing industry etc.

Hazard classes for people and the environment:

  • Category 1. This category includes the most dangerous industrial facilities - chemical industries, arms and explosives factories, ferrous metals, etc.
  • Category 2. This category includes the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, construction and wood industries.
  • Category 3. The most common group of industrial enterprises are processing plants, building materials, food and perfume.
  • Category 4. This group includes the light industry, as well as household chemicals, furniture, food products, mineral fertilizers, etc.
  • Category 5. This category includes public facilities - markets, petrol stations, dry cleaners, as well as some food, paper and construction industries.


The design and construction of production facilities must take into account the basic requirements of industrial facilities:

  • Safety of the facility, strict compliance with the requirements of fire, technological, ecological safety, sanitary and epidemiological norms and rules.
  • The industrial facility must be in harmony with the surrounding architecture and provide a comfortable and safe working environment for the employees of the enterprise.
  • The internal layout and design of the building must provide the best possible conditions for carrying out productive activities.
  • All decisions of the project must have a business case in terms of the time of construction, the amount of investment, and the effective operation of the project.


The following technologies are used for the construction of industrial facilities:

  • Prefabricated buildings. They are built of prefabricated concrete structures.
  • Prefabricated and monolithic structures. They are constructed of prefabricated elements and solid concrete which can be placed directly in the structure of the building.
  • Monolithic buildings. The basic structures of the floor, walls and elements of the frame are made of monolithic concrete.
  • Buildings built of small pieces (bricks, concrete blocks, etc.) which are laid by hand.

In industrial construction technologies of prefabricated and prefabricated monolithic buildings of reinforced concrete constructions have become most popular.


  • High quality of building materials, as they are manufactured in factory conditions.
  • The building process is independent of weather or climate conditions.
  • The VBIs can be delivered to the construction site immediately prior to installation.
  • Computer simulation of constructions is a guarantee of the degree of accuracy, quality and reliability of the whole building.
  • Reduction of construction time due to the use of a large number of prefabricated elements.
  • Reduction of total construction materials costs.
  • A perfectly level surface of prefabricated WBI structures will require minimal costs for interior and exterior finishing.

Industrial construction also uses technologies for the construction of high-speed buildings from metal structures. The basis of the production facility is a metal framework to which sandwich panels or metal profile are attached.

High-speed buildings are the most expensive option in industrial construction. At the same time, the structures have different performance characteristics, are built in the shortest possible time regardless of weather conditions and are characterized by strength, reliability and durability.

LLC LMS is engaged in the design and construction of industrial objects for various purposes in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as all over the territory of the Russian Federation, including regions of the Far North. When designing projects for the construction of production buildings and complexes, special features of the technological process, dimensions of industrial equipment, necessary level of load capacity of walls and floor, presence of harmful production factors are taken into account.

The creation of the project of the object of construction is carried out using modern BIM-technologies, the main advantage of which is full compliance of parameters and performance characteristics of the erected building with requirements of the customer or investor.

We offer advantageous terms of cooperation, which are regulated by the EPC contract. On the basis of the contract, we carry out the whole spectrum of construction works - exploration and design works, agreement of design and permission documents, selection and purchase of materials, carrying out construction and installation works and putting the object into operation. Another important benefit of the EPC contract is the fixed value.

One of the directions of LLC LMS is the construction of industrial facilities. PVC complex «RusVinil» in Kstovo city with a total area of 130,000 m2 was built by the international team of specialists of the company, a plant for the production of automobile and industrial components in Ulyanovsk city, logistics complex «Kstov industrial park», «Sherrizon» warehouse complex in Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow region, and our partners LLC LMS Group were built factory for tobacco production in Ak-Hissar (Turkey), factory of grape raw materials Karaman Suma in Konya (Turkey) and other facilities.

We have sufficient resources and expertise to implement any such facility, whether a factory or a hydroelectric power plant. For any questions, please call +7 (495)-626-40-50 or e-mail