Modern hostels have little in common with the Soviet «hostels», where the main criterion for planning was not the comfort of the residents, but the accommodation of the largest number of people. Today hostels are being built with comfortable rooms of an apartment or hotel type with all conveniences, rest rooms and utility rooms.

The need for the construction of hostels is increasing every year. This is an important area of ​​investment for both developing companies that need a constant influx of qualified personnel, and educational institutions where students from other cities study.


Dormitories are built for permanent or temporary residence. The temporary housing is equipped with a minimum of amenities. For permanent residence, the level of comfort should be higher. To accommodate a large number of residents, it is advisable to build not separate dormitories, but residential complexes or campuses with a developed infrastructure, including medical, household, sports and cultural blocks.

By the type of layout of the internal premises, hostels are divided into the following categories:

  1. Block type. The building is divided into separate blocks, consisting of several rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Each block is locked with a key.
  2. Apartment type. In such hostels, each room has a bathroom and a shower, while there may be one kitchen on the floor.
  3. Corridor type. Accommodation rooms are located along a long corridor, each floor has a shower, toilet and kitchen. This is the most budgetary option for planning a dormitory, but also the least comfortable for living.
  4. Hotel type. Rooms are designed for 2-4 people. A separate bathroom can be in each room, or one for two rooms.

The company «LMS» offers its clients standard projects and the development of individual design solutions for the construction of hostels and residential complexes, and also provides a range of services for the production of construction, engineering works, interior and exterior decoration of buildings. Our design engineers can upgrade any typical project for specific customer conditions.

We successfully cope with non-standard and complex tasks, offering our customers the most optimal solutions in terms of architecture, appearance, design features, materials used and layout. We create an information model of a construction object (BIM-model), with the help of which there is a complex interaction of all participants in the construction process. BIM technologies allow transferring a virtual information model from a development team (architects, landscape architects, engineers, builders, etc.) to a general contractor and subcontractors, as well as owners or managers of the facility.

Construction works are carried out using modern highly efficient technologies, which saves time and money for our customers and maintains extremely high quality standards. The hostels built by us meet all the requirements for safe living and are modern, comfortable and reliable buildings with high functionality and energy efficiency.