Modern shopping centers are multifunctional complexes where people come not only for shopping, but just have a good time and relax with the whole family. There are several galleries of retail outlets and shops, as well as cinemas, sports and playgrounds, cafes, restaurants and other facilities for the entertainment and recreation of visitors.


The complex under construction should become an attractive place for both tenants and potential buyers. Therefore, not only specialists in architecture and design are actively involved in the development of the project, but also marketing, sales, and advertising.

When creating a project, a whole set of tasks is solved, because interesting external forms, rational internal planning, the development of the infrastructure of the shopping center increase the flow of visitors, which increases the competitiveness of the object in the market. The shopping center should have:

  • convenient access roads for private cars, taxis and buses;
  • the required number of parking spaces in the adjacent territory or in the underground parking;
  • quick approach from public transport stops;
  • the versatility of the layout of retail space, which can be easily transformed in accordance with the needs of tenants;
  • rationality of the internal planning, which will make it possible to competently regulate the flow of visitors inside the complex;
  • original and unusual appearance, which will attract the attention of visitors, and differ from other similar objects.


Shopping and entertainment centers belong to the category of public buildings, therefore, in their design and construction, they are guided by a number of regulations, the main of which is the set of rules 118.13330.2012, developed specifically for this type of structures. The set of rules describes in detail the requirements for the safety of buildings and structures, the life and property of citizens, the environment, the building must correspond to its functional purpose and be energy efficient.

At the beginning of the creation of the project, the architects develop a general conceptual solution of how the object under construction will look, which is approved by the customer. Then the specialists proceed to the stage-by-stage development of the project, including architectural, structural, space-planning and engineering solutions.


The creation of a shopping center project begins with a set of works on the survey and engineering surveys of the site allocated for its construction. Engineers inspect and make the necessary calculations for the indicators of the surface and underground parts of the site, as well as the adjacent territories. The results of the work carried out are formalized and transferred to the design organization.

What does survey engineering work include?

In the process of conducting surveys of the site allotted for construction, it becomes clear:

  • features of the terrain, the proximity and passage of groundwater, the condition of the soil and ground, the location of underground communications;
  • the optimal place for placing directly a shopping facility and auxiliary facilities, a place for laying transport routes;
  • an analysis of urban planning documents is carried out to determine in order to find out what prohibitions and restrictions exist for objects under construction on a given territory, the amount of permits;

During the survey, a topographic, engineering-geological survey of the site is carried out with the preparation of the corresponding drawings, plans, diagrams, etc.

The package of this documentation defines the permitted parameters for the facility under construction, plans for the supply of utilities, the placement of access roads, the specific location of the shopping facility and auxiliary structures.


At the pre-design stage, engineering surveys are carried out, which include:

  • Geodetic work and topographic survey, initial geological and geodetic information about the construction site and utilities available on it, with geographic coordinates, as well as plans, schemes drawn up based on the results of topographic surveys;
  • Geological research and study of soil, ground;
  • A complex of studies of the environmental safety of the site for the absence of chemical and other types of pollution;
  • Inspection of buildings and utilities located on the site at the time of the survey.

Based on these data, a geo-basis for the project is drawn up, which will be necessary for passing the examination and obtaining a permit for construction work.


A shopping center construction project is a voluminous and detailed document that is drawn up in accordance with regulatory enactments and includes several important sections.

  • Detailed plans and diagrams of the construction site;
  • Architectural solutions for a facility under construction;
  • Design features and space-planning solutions;
  • Engineering solutions, which contains detailed information about engineering communications systems and equipment;
  • Construction project;
  • Environmental safety requirements fulfillment plan;
  • Measures to ensure fire, anti-terrorist security, access for people with disabilities;
  • Implementation plan for solutions in the field of energy efficiency of the building;
  • Estimated documentation and others.


The developed project, after its approval by the customer, must be approved by the regulatory authorities. First, the project undergoes an examination in a public or private expert company, where specialists check the safety of the facility, compliance with regulatory documents, and based on the results of the check, the project can be sent for revision to eliminate the identified violations. If no violations are identified, a positive expert opinion is issued.

It is impossible to start construction work without the approval of the project and obtaining a permit for the construction of a shopping and entertainment center from the regulatory authorities (Gosstroynadzor). The passage of all approvals in accordance with the law takes 45-60 days.

After agreeing on the project, you can conclude a contract with a contractor for construction work. To start construction, the customer provides a complete package of documents.


  • Project of a facility under construction;
  • Expert opinion on the safety of the facility and compliance with regulatory documents;
  • Construction work permit;
  • Documents for the right to lease or ownership of a land plot;
  • Documents for the implementation and connection of engineering systems;
  • Site scheme in cadastral documents;
  • Plan-diagram of the planning of the building site.


After the completion of the construction of the shopping center, it is necessary to accept the object from the contractor with the registration of the acceptance certificate. Then the customer must receive a document from Gosstroynadzor confirming that the facility was built without violations and in accordance with the project. The final stage of the whole process is the commissioning of the building. Issues a permit for the right to operate the center Gosstroynadzor, after the completion of construction work in full. The building put into operation must be registered with Rosreestr and included in the cadastral development plan of the area.

The total cost of building a modern shopping center is perhaps the main factor that arouses increased interest and some concern of the customer. And this is quite understandable, because construction is fraught with a number of objective difficulties, which only professionals in their field are able to qualitatively solve, and at the same time not significantly increase the final price of the object.

The design and construction of a multifunctional modern shopping center is a difficult and responsible task that requires large financial costs, and it is very important to end up with an impeccable building.

This allowed us to provide a full range of services for the construction of shopping centers and «turnkey» stores - from the development of the architectural concept and the creation of the project, ending with the commissioning of the facility, while the prices for our services are affordable and acceptable, and the quality of all work is the highest. Our specialists have already built many objects for various purposes on the territory of the Russian Federation, which are distinguished by their impeccable appearance and high quality construction, among them: the Sky and Capital shopping centers in Moscow, the construction of the Esplanade MFC in Perm, and others.

On the company's website, you can familiarize yourself with the results of our work, evaluate the quality and creative approach in the implementation of projects for the construction of shopping centers, international airports, sports and entertainment complexes built both in Moscow and the Moscow region, and throughout Russia.