LMS is building Magadan Airport ahead of schedule


The General Contractor LMS Group of Companies build a new airport complex at Magadan International Airport is proceeding at a high pace.

The workers are one and a half months ahead of schedule. Despite the thirty-degree frosts, the builders almost completely switched to interior work. At the same time, the terminal building already has its final outlines. Parking is ready, exterior lighting.

Outside, they are only strengthening the metal structures on the roof. All other work is inside.

Arsin Dayan, LMS Foreman: «I've been here for a year, tomorrow will be a year. As I'm here, it's cold. But this cold won't hurt us. Because they're almost used to it. We are constantly working in Siberia with this team, so we are almost used to it.»

The terminal is being built taking into account the seismic and, of course, climatic features of the region.

Dmitry Podoinitsyn, Head of the LMS section: «Everything is under the thermal circuit. All work stops after minus thirty. We can't produce, all the equipment is on the street. And we continue after the temperature drops.»

The Magadan airport terminal building has already been built by almost half, the work is about a month and a half ahead of schedule. To ensure that the process is fast, the LMS procurement department is constantly working with suppliers of materials. The entire future parking lot, and it will be the largest in the region and is actually ready for operation. All the material is delivered here in advance. Currently, about one hundred and twenty cubes of styrofoam are stored right at the entrance to the building of the future airport terminal. This is the material that will be used to insulate the roof. The work is planned to begin when it gets a little warmer.

Currently, 250 builders are working at the facility, including engineers, and in the spring there will be more than four hundred of them.

Ilhan Musa Ozkoc, LMS project manager: «This season we will carry out landscaping work, and inside we will do finishing work, mechanical, electrical, installation of equipment systems. Installation of the facade and roof. In six months, the airport will be visible.»

The new airport terminal in Magadan will become one of the most modern in Russia. There are plans to build an automatic baggage handling system and teletraps. Some of the architectural solutions and interiors will be dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky, whose name the airport bears. The construction is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2024.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to customers with high quality and on time, who entrust us with the implementation of their projects again.

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