The new airport terminal will expand the tourist prospects of Magadan


The building of the future Magadan airport terminal has acquired outlines. The builders of the general contractor of the LMS Group of Companies created a temporary circuit and started heating. Now the work is mainly going on inside, the installation of the roof will soon begin.

Today, Deputy Prime Minister, Presidential Envoy to the Far East Yuri Trutnev and Governor Sergey Nosov visited one of the largest facilities under construction in the region.

It is already clear what the building of the future airport terminal will look like. The builders, although they have installed a temporary contour so far, in fact, a significant part of the work is already behind them. In the village of Sokol, where the Magadan airport is located, it is already up to thirty degrees below zero. Therefore, there are few street works left. Metal structures are installed at the top, preparing for the installation of the roof.

Shukurjon Tulaboev, foreman of the construction site: «There is a trailer, tea, coffee. Everything is there. Work is underway.»

Turkish builders mainly work at the facility. But they were preparing for the winter season, understanding all the peculiarities of the northern region. An electric model is currently working in the building. It was brought and assembled for construction during a period of severe frosts. Thanks to her work, the room is now maintained at a temperature of plus ten degrees. Ventilation, heating and fire extinguishing systems are being installed on the ground floor, where passenger registration and baggage handling will take place. Materials that will soon be needed for wall insulation are also stored here.

Dmitry Podoinitsyn, the head of the site: «We have about 300 people working at the site, everyone is involved. Day and night. With the delivery of materials is established. All supplies are regulated, there are no problems.»

Presidential Envoy to the Far East Yuri Trutnev is told about the progress of the work. In the future, comfortable conditions will be created here for the residents of the region, and new opportunities for tourism development will appear.

Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia – Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District: «Such a policy, when the world has fallen apart, will end anyway. People will communicate with each other, will be friends, will trade. Therefore, everything will fall into place. And the fact that we are now creating the infrastructure for this seems normal. Domestic tourism is growing rapidly in our country. People are happy to get acquainted with their country. And I am sure that the best part of the country that everyone needs to get to know is the Far East.»

Before the New Year, the builders plan to install the roof of the terminal building. After that, they will begin to insulate the facade. The work is carried out around the clock. The facility is promised to be commissioned at the end of next year.

The new airport terminal will expand the tourist prospects of Magadan-photo-1