Travel will become more comfortable with the new Magadan airport in a year


No queues for check-in and long waits for baggage collection. A year later, a new modern Magadan airport terminal complex will be launched in Kolyma. Specialists perform their work efficiently and on schedule, the Governor of the Magadan region, Sergey Nosov, was convinced during a visit to the facility. He was accompanied by the project manager Ilkhan Musa Ozkoch.

250 builders of the LMS Group of Companies, an external contractor, continue to lay out the internal partitions of the new Magadan AVC at a rapid pace. In parallel, the installation of air ducts and heating is carried out. At the start, the installation of a fire extinguishing system.

The glass facade will fill the airport with natural light and visually enlarge the space. But besides the beauty, the new terminal is also technologically advanced in accordance with the times: it is equipped with two telescopic ladders directly from the airport to the cabin of the aircraft. The progress of work on such a long–awaited facility for the Magadan region is under the special supervision of Governor Sergei Nosov.

«What else did I learn for myself and all Magadans – the construction will be completed completely by September, commissioning will take 2-3 months. That is, we will get a fully-fledged working airport with trained staff in a year. So we will fly,» said Sergey Nosov, Governor of the Magadan Region.

LMS Group is responsible not only for timely delivery, but also for specialized equipment, training of technical personnel and operation of the airport in the next two years. This approach is an additional guarantee of the quality of the object.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to customers with high quality and on time, who entrust us with the implementation of their projects again.

Travel will become more comfortable with the new Magadan airport in a year-photo-1