Stolitsa Shopping Center Moscow, NAO, Moskovsky settlement

Project map - Stolitsa Shopping Center Moscow, NAO, Moskovsky settlement

Project Characteristics

Multifunctional and office and business center

16 310 м 2
Gross floor area
floors (3 floors + 1 underground parking)

About the project

The building of a multifunctional and office and business center for retail and small wholesale trade in goods.

As part of the shopping center, a food court with fast food service enterprises, administrative and household premises, storage facilities, and premises for maintenance of the shopping complex were provided. The shopping area was divided by a spacious gallery. In the central part of the gallery, as well as above the food court, atriums were provided to ensure natural lighting, creating a feeling of a large free space due to openings in the ceiling (second light).

In terms of landscaping, the installation of a lawn both on and off the territory; the planting of shrubs; the placement of small architectural forms (benches and urns); the arrangement of paths and platforms made of paving slabs were envisaged.

The date of signing the contract is March 28, 2019.

The customer
Pervy, LLC
The technical customer
The general contractor
Completion of construction
March 25, 2020