The most «painful» question in any city in any country in the world, of course, is the apartment one. Despite the fact that active housing construction is under way everywhere, the demand for new apartments is by no means diminishing. Today, houses are built from better quality materials, with high standards of improvement. They can vary the number of storeys, diversify facades and architectural forms, and improve apartment layouts.

The construction of residential buildings is a complex process, in the implementation of which every nuance is important, from the aesthetic appeal of the future house to the solution of issues of safe and comfortable living for residents.


The process of building a residential building before putting the facility into operation takes place in stages and includes the following types of work:

  • Selection of a building plot;

  • Geological surveys and topographic surveys;

  • Development of design estimates;

  • Construction works;

  • Arrangement of the local area.


  • Examination of the project of a residential building;

  • Building permit;

  • Special permission for hazardous work;

  • Earthwork order;

  • Conclusion on the conformity of the finished object to the project;

  • Permission to put the building into operation.


Before starting the construction of a residential building, it is important to choose the right building site so that the investment is justified. The choice should be guided by two main selection criteria:

  • Proximity to urban infrastructure. When buying an apartment, potential buyers first of all pay attention to the fact that shops, schools, kindergartens, clinics and other objects are located within walking distance. Therefore, the cost per square meter of housing on the outskirts, where there is no necessary infrastructure and normal transport links, will be significantly lower than the cost of apartments closer to the city center, where all this is available.

  • Connection to utilities systems. The cost of construction significantly depends on how close the main engineering communications are to the proposed construction site.

In addition, you need to obtain a permit for the construction of a multi-apartment, usually high-rise, residential building. This issue is also not without difficulties. The easiest way to get a permit is in an area where there are few new buildings, but closer to the center it will be much more difficult to do it. The cost of a plot of land in the central parts of the city will be significantly higher than on the outskirts, but the attractiveness for buyers of apartments in the outskirts will also be low.


After obtaining a permit for the construction of a residential building, geological surveys and topographic surveys of the building site are carried out. In the process of surveys, which are carried out by specialists with a special permit to carry out this type of work, it is determined:

  • the composition of the soil and its characteristics;

  • features of the terrain;

  • climatic conditions;

  • characteristics of the area and the quality of the land plot;

  • the exact coordinates of the location of the building and other features of the building plot.

These data are necessary to determine the construction technology, the type of materials used, clarify the special conditions of construction, etc.


The next step is to create a building project. This is the main document governing all subsequent types of work, on the correctness of which the strength, reliability and safety of the structure depend. Often at the design stage and obtaining permits, developers have the greatest difficulties.

The project is being developed with the involvement of all specialists - engineers, architects, builders, in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Building regulations;

  • Design and survey data;

  • Environmental protection requirements;

  • Fire safety regulations;

  • Sanitary norms and rules, etc.

When developing the project, the features of the building's operation are taken into account - climatic conditions, the seismological situation in the region, as well as the ratio of the building and nearby objects. For a comfortable stay, the optimal layout of apartments and common areas is important, as well as the aesthetic component - the exterior design of the building and exterior decoration. Bright colors, various types of glass, curly windows and other architectural solutions create a unique appearance of the building, which will undoubtedly attract potential buyers of apartments.


After the examination of the project and obtaining a permit for the construction of a residential building, they begin to carry out construction work, which includes several stages:

  • Preparation of a building plot. At the preparatory stage, the territory is cleaned from green spaces, buildings, the site is fenced for construction, the re-equipment of underground and surface networks (if any), the organization of access roads, the delivery of the necessary construction equipment to the site, the installation of household and administrative buildings, etc.

  • Carrying out the marking of the future construction site. The success of the entire construction depends on the accuracy of the marking of the building, because the slightest mistake leads to catastrophic consequences and it is no longer possible to correct it in the future, therefore, ultra-precise measuring instruments are used to carry out the marking.

  • Excavation. At this stage, a pit is being prepared for the installation of the foundation, as well as trenching for the supply of communication systems.

  • Installation of the foundation. The foundation of any building that ensures the strength, reliability and durability of the structure is the foundation. It bears the main load, therefore, the choice of the type and method of laying the foundation is carefully worked out even at the stage of building design.

  • Erection of external walls. The duration of the erection of the external walls of the building depends on the applied construction technology. They can be brick, panel, cast reinforced concrete, the latter option is used most often due to the ease of installation, high speed of construction and structural strength.

  • Utility lines to the house.

  • Roofing works. The amount and duration of work depends on the type of roof. Today, more and more often, an exploited roof is being equipped in apartment buildings.

  • Internal works and finishing of the facade of the building. At this stage, internal partitions are being built, doors and windows are being installed, communications are connected to apartments, finishing work is being carried out inside apartments and in public places.

  • Improvement of the local area. At this stage, it is necessary to clear the site from construction debris, mark and lay paths, green areas with plantings, playgrounds, parking, lighting, create driveways, etc.

The group of companies «LMS» is engaged in the construction of multifunctional complexes, residential and business facilities. In their work, the company's specialists use author's architectural ideas, innovative solutions and modern technologies. All constructed facilities are of high quality, customized solutions and well-developed infrastructure.

The building project is being created using modern BIM technologies. During the design process, a spatial three-dimensional model of the object is created, which makes it possible to assess the internal and external appearance of the building, understand how much money, material and labor will be required for its construction, what equipment will be used, how the construction process will be organized, etc. This technology allows you to take into account all the nuances and avoid mistakes when bringing the project to life.