LMS Human Resources Policy is to create a team of high-end professionals.

Our personnel are the main recourse of LMS.

Basic component of LMS Human Resource Management System is creation of common team able to promote the company forward. Managerial style provides for implementation of business model with involvement of working people into collaborative decision making together with the management team.

Focusing on such items as motivation level, knowledge and capabilities of the personnel, company place a premium on their involvement, development and work satisfaction.

Implementation of social programs provides our guarantees of job compensation, health and safety management, rest and vacation of the staff.

Taking into account career development of all employees, LMS Management attaches importance to personnel job placement relevant their knowledge, experience and skills.

LMS Management encourages determination of employees’ performance evaluation, identifying personal potential and possibilities for professional growth.

Development of new business dimensions in LMS involves staff training in accordance with the company requirements and developmental challenges. Personnel trainings are performed by the companies licensed for delivery of learning services.

The source of success of our business life is joining together efforts of our experienced, talented and motivated people being proud of their contribution to the LMS company development.

Today permanent LMS staff is over 300 of specialists. Existing personnel reserve provides an opportunity for mobilization during construction peak up to 2 500 specialists.

Total number of LMS employees is in excess of 65 000.

Total number of LMS employees is in excess of 65 000.