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Sergey Vasin: We have something to offer Turkish companies

The Ulyanovsk region has been cooperating with Turkish business for quite a long time. In particular, the Turkish company LimakMaraschStroy took part in the construction of a production complex of a brewery and an enterprise for the production of car components of the German company Schaeffler.

Voronezh Airport told about layoffs after the flight cancellations

It is reported how the construction of a new passenger terminal on the territory of the airport is going. According to the management of the airline company, the work is carried out strictly in accordance with the established work schedule. At the moment, the general contractor, the LMS Group of Companies completes the so-called 'zero' cycle of construction of the building. There're the arrangement of the building basis, laying of hydro- and heat-insulation and engineering communications, construction of the foundation.


In Chernyakhovsk the construction of a plant for the production of solar energy equipment is underway

Construction is taking place on the site of an industrial park. A new road now leads to it. The works started last September. You can already see how the main and auxiliary buildings will be located. Frames have been erected. Now the builders are «building up» the walls and making the roof, and arranging the engineering networks. (Video's link)

The governor talked about the construction of the new building of the Perm Gallery

At the moment, earthworks, dewatering and preparation of the basement for the foundation are performed at the site in parallel. On part of the area has already laid crushed stone for concreting, then the waterproofing will be performed, and then the foundation itself. The contractor is working in shifts without days off.

An ice field is already being prepared at the Arena Omsk site

«Now the technological slab of the ice field is in an active stage, we are already laying the pipes of cold supply, which in the near future will be poured with concrete, and the base for the technological ice will be prepared. We expect it by about mid-June,» said Igor Legkonets, a Chief Engineer of the general contractor.

Avangard hockey players will take part in the Puchkov preseason tournament and the Sochi Open

Igor Legkonets, the chief engineer of the Limakmaraschstroy general contractor, told TASS that at the moment the arena is about 77% ready. Finishing works are in full swing at the facility, elevators and escalators are installed and ice rink is being prepared.

Despite the sanctions, plans for the Khabarovsk airport remain

The construction of a new terminal at Khabarovsk Airport will continue, despite the sanctions. This was stated by the presidential plenipotentiary representative in the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev.

Khabarovsk Airport retains plans to hand over a new terminal of international lines in the spring of 2023

Khabarovsk. April 27. INTERFAX - FAR EAST - The construction readiness of the new international airlines terminal at Khabarovsk Airport is more than 25%, representatives of Khabarovsk Airport JSC told Deputy Prime Minister, Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev, who visited the construction site on Wednesday.

Khabarovsk Airport retains plans to hand over a new terminal of international lines in the spring of 2023
The activity of the Shpagin Plant will be limited due to the construction of the gallery

The number of events on the territory of the Shpagin Plant cultural space may be limited due to the construction of a new building of the Perm Art Gallery. This was told by the governor of the Perm Region Dmitry Makhonin at a meeting with the heads of the media.

The activity of the Shpagin Plant will be limited due to the construction of the gallery
Flights from Voronezh have been limited until April 25

The participants cleaned up the fallen leaves accumulated during the winter, sawed down trees and whitewashed their trunks. A total of 20 vehicles of garbage were removed from the territory. Employees of the air terminal cleaned the bushes near the perimeter fence and refreshed the road markings on the station square. Employees of all services of the airport, as well as representatives of the general contractor, LMS Group of Companies, took part in the cleaning.

Dmitry Artyukhov visited the new airport terminal under construction in Novy Urengoy

Dmitry Artyukhov has been following the construction of the new terminal very closely since the very beginning. And the pace of construction of the building is certainly impressive. For example, as early as last June, only piles were driven at this site; today his architectural idea is already evident — the terminal is made in the form of tents.

Voronezh airport presented a time-lapse video of the new terminal construction

The LMS Group of Companies is the general contractor at the construction site. The 110 specialists of the company, including engineering personnel, are working on the site. The excavation for the future building is underway.

Construction without obligation – is it good or evil for the industry?

Sergey Podolsky said that bureaucratic procedures will also be simplified in the field of urban planning, and the timing of objects can be optimized with the introduction of new amendments. «Reducing the time spent on paper work, which will follow the abolition of mandatory regulations, the industry will definitely notice», - said the representative of LMS.

Builders of the new gallery in Perm are preparing to develop the excavation pit

The LMS Group of Companies told about the progress of the construction work on the site of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery. The employees of the general contractor are getting ready to excavate the foundation pit. A dormitory for the workers is also being built.

Turkish contractor continues construction of Art Gallery in Perm

The Turkish contractor will continue the construction of the Art Gallery building in Perm, it is planned to be completed on time - in 2023, said Governor Dmitry Makhonin. The company LMS is implementing the construction project of the art gallery building. The authorities signed a contract with the contractor for 4.2 billion rubles in the spring of 2021.

The Eastern Exit from Ufa will be completed as scheduled – Radiy Khabirov

The construction of the Eastern Exit from Ufa continues on schedule, despite the rising prices for construction materials and the sanctions policy of the West. The facility will be commissioned by the end of 2023, as planned, said Head of Bashkortostan Rady Khabirov.

Builders prepare to excavate the foundation pit for the new building of the Perm gallery

The general contractor for the construction of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery, LMS LLC, is ready to begin the excavation.

Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov visited the construction site of the Arena Редактировать SEO

The head of the region noted that the progress of the construction of the sports complex is high and, despite the cancellation of the World Youth Ice Hockey Championship in Omsk, the Arena will be completed on time. There will also be a large-scale landscaping of the surrounding area.