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The contractor of the Perm Gallery explained his decision not to buy German glass

The Turkish company LMS, which is the contractor of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery, commented on the decision to refuse to buy German stained glass for the glazing of the gallery's facades. LMS's deputy project manager for the Perm gallery, Sergei Podolsky, explained that this was due to the speculative increase in prices for glass panes from Germany and the inability to supply them due to the sanctions.

Dmitry Makhonin checked the progress of priority cultural projects in preparation for the anniversary of Perm

The Governor also inspected the construction site of the Perm Art Gallery building, a facility of about 20 thousand square meters, which will provide all the necessary conditions for the storage and display of the unique collection of art masterpieces. The construction is being carried out by LMS LLC, a contracting organization.

Our new G-Drive Arena from a bird`s eye view

On October 1, the G-Drive Arena Ice Complex, the new home stadium of the Avangard hockey club in Omsk, was opened. The arena was built as part of a public-private partnership between Gazprom Neft, the Governments of the Russian Federation and the Omsk Region.

Best overview and unique viewing format: the project participants revealed the secrets of building the G-Drive Arena

Four years later, Avangard plays in Omsk to the roar of the home stands - the new arena has been commissioned and will be home to the Hawks for many years to come. In an interview with, the representative of the Spectrum Group, which managed the construction of the arena, spoke about the difficulties and why G-Drive Arena is one of the best in Russia and in the world. The general contractor of the facility was the international company LMS LLC, which had previously built airports in Istanbul, Lyon and other major cities.

Governor Alexander Burkov attended the grand opening of the G-Drive Arena

The governor of the Omsk region, Alexander Burkov, shared a photo from the opening of the G-Drive Arena in his Telegram channel. The new home ground of Avangard became a great gift to the Omsk people for the anniversary of the region.

Александр Крылов: арена станет культурным центром города

Today is a historic moment for Omsk hockey. We managed to do the seemingly impossible: we built one of the best arenas in Russia. We did it in just two years and, as promised, we brought the Hawks home.

«We got the best stadium.» How a new hockey arena was opened in Omsk

Avangard's first match at the G-Drive Arena drew a full house and many distinguished guests. The stadium's opening ceremony was attended by Igor Levitin, aide to the Russian president; Anatoly Seryshev, presidential plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal District; Alexander Burkov, governor of the Omsk Region; Alexander Dyukov, chairman and CEO of Gazprom Neft; Vladislav Tretyak, president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (RHF); Alexander Krylov, director of regional sales at Gazprom Neft and chairman of the Avangard Board of Directors.

Gazprom Neft opens Avangard hockey arena in Omsk

The 12-thousand-seat ice arena in Omsk has become one of the largest and most modern in the KHL. The architectural and technical concept of the complex incorporates the best international practices of modern sports facilities. The main idea of its creators is multifunctionality, the ability to use the facility for both sports and public events.

Big Aircraft Construction in Novy Urengoy: How to Create Comfort and Convenience for Passengers

One of Yamal's key construction projects is nearing completion. The airport terminal in Novy Urengoy is 80 percent ready. The deadlines are being met, in spite of sanctions and other problems. A tunnel for buses is being built inside the building, luggage handling equipment is being installed, and finishing work continues.

The terminal under construction at Novy Urengoy Airport was equipped with heated telescopic ramps

Telescopic jetways are being installed in the new passenger terminal of Novy Urengoy Airport. They are designed to create maximum comfort for passengers. Warm corridors will allow them to get on the plane right from the terminal building.

The general contractor showed how the construction of the new gallery is going

The construction of a new art gallery building continues in Perm. The general contractor plans to have the six-story «box» completed in the winter of 2022. It published a video of the construction site. The contractor is Limakmaraschstroy LLC.


The construction of the new airport terminal was shown on video to Voronezh citizens

Now the builders are reinforcing the frame of the future building, stairs and columns. Reinforcing and concreting of the terminal foundations, floor slab, vertical structures - walls and columns, foundation beams have been completed. The construction of the new terminal is the fourth project of LMS Group of Companies for the customer Novaport.

Three telescopic jetways are connected to the new terminal of Novy Urengoy Airport

Telescopic jetways are being installed at the passenger terminal of Novy Urengoy Airport (managed by Airports of the Regions Management Company), which is currently under construction. The movable parts of the tunnel have been attached to the building's galleries and secured on metal supports. After that the tunnel ramps will be connected to the power supply and the start-up of the mechanisms. The general contractor of construction of the new passenger terminal is the company LMS.

Makhonin: the framework of the new gallery building in Perm must be completed by winter

The framework of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery should be assembled by winter, the governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin said in his Telegram channel. He published another video from the contractor about the work done at the site. According to Dmitry Makhonin, the construction of the future gallery building is going at the right pace.

Installation of the vertical structures of the new Voronezh airport terminal has begun

The builders completed the reinforcement and concreting of the terminal foundations and the floor slab. Specialists have already used 730 tons of steel structures. Now the installation and monolithic works - reinforcing of stairs and columns, concreting of columns and installation of ceiling formwork - are in progress. - The general contractor is strictly adhering to the approved schedule», - stressed the press service.

Donstroy put on sale new apartments on Fifth Ostrov

Construction of the fifth Ostrov is on schedule. The general contractor of the quarter is the company LMS. The foundation slab for all the buildings is 50% ready. The builders have also started assembling vertical structures of the parking lot. In total 485 people and 10 units of equipment are now working on the site.

A new shopping center will be built in Kuzminky

A multifunctional 53,600 sq.m. shopping center will appear in Kuzminki district. A land plot of 30 thous. sq. m is allocated for it. The investor is PIK Group company. LMS company will act as the general contractor for construction of Kuzminki Mall. The construction is planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

The G-Drive Arena building was commissioned

The building of the new G-Drive Arena was commissioned last Thursday, September 1. Thus, the general contractor, the Turkish company Limakmaraschstroy, managed to complete the work as planned. According to the press service of the Avangard hockey club, all systems of the facility are now being tested and adjusted.