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The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation appreciated the project of the new building of the Perm Art Gallery

As part of a working trip to the Kama region, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin visited the Perm Art Gallery. Together with the governor Dmitry Mahonin and the director of the institution Yulia Tavrizyan, he got acquainted with the masterpieces of world painting and sculpture presented in it.

Construction of a terminal at Voronezh airport for 5.5 billion rubles began

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new terminal on Friday was attended by Governor Alexander Gusev, deputy general director of Novaport (project investor) Sergei Dmitriev, general director of Aviaservice management company (manages the airport) Roman Frolenko and member of the board of directors of LMS Ertem Ertan Okkesh.

Non-stop working regime will be provided for the construction of the Perm gallery in winter

Artifacts of the 18th and 19th centuries, which are valuable for science, were found in the soil of the cultural layer in the territory of the social and cultural space of the Shpagin plant, where the general contractor the Group of Companies LMS is carrying out preparatory work for the construction of a new building of the Perm State Art Gallery. There are fragments of an ancient stone road (presumably the Solikamsk tract) and a number of antiquities among the finds. So the site should be investigated by archaeologists.  Until this moment, the builders of the general contractor will not be able to start the construction of the pit and the foundation of the future building.

Arena-Omsk impressed the commission of the International Ice Hockey Federation with the scale of construction

Christian Hofstetter, Sports Director of the International Ice Hockey Federation: «I find Arena-Omsk both outside and inside very impressive. We are confident that you will have time to complete the construction by the end of July. The results we saw here amazed us in a good sense of the word».

The construction of a shopping and entertainment center has been completed in the west of Moscow

The construction of the Nebo shopping and entertainment center (SEC) in the Solntsevo district in Moscow has been completed. Stroygazeta was informed about this in the press service of the LMS Group of Companies (GC), specifying that it is planned to put the mall into operation next week.

A shopping and entertainment center was built in the Solntsevo district

The construction of the Nebo shopping and entertainment center in the west of the capital has been completed. «Based on the results of the final inspection, Mosgosstroynadzor issued an AIA of the facility with the requirements of the design documentation. The shopping center is being prepared for commissioning, said Igor Voistratenko.

Istanbul airport сontractors will build a passenger terminal in Voronezh

Yesterday the owner of the Voronezh international Airport, the Novaport holding, selected a contractor for the construction of a new air terminal complex for domestic airlines. It was the LMS group with Turkish beneficiaries, which has already built six such facilities in Russia, and previously was engaged in the construction of two airports in Istanbul. The company said that they plan to complete construction in April 2023, the volume of work is estimated at 4.3 billion rubles. Local developers were not interested in the project due to fears of implementation difficulties

Group of companies LMS purchased cargo and special equipment from Alfa-Leasing for 166 million rubles

Alfa-Leasing financed the purchase of 20 trucks and special vehicles for the LMS Group of Companies. The equipment will be used in the construction of a new airport terminal in Khabarovsk and an industrial complex for the production of silicon wafers and photovoltaic converters in Chernyakhovsk (Kaliningrad region). The deal amounted to more than 166 million rubles, the agreement was concluded for two years.

Федеральный бюджет готов компенсировать краевому 1,7 млрд руб. на строительство галереи

Recall that the construction of a building with a total area of more than 20 thousand square meters is being carried out at the site of the Shpagin factory. General contract for 4.2 billion rubles. received the LLC LMS. The new site is scheduled to open in 2023.

Preparatory work has been completed at the construction site of the Perm Art Gallery

According to Dmitriy Sokolov, LMS LLC is now developing working documentation for the construction of the Perm Art Gallery. In addition, preparatory work was carried out at the construction site, networks were taken out, archaeological observation is underway.

В аэропорту Нового Уренгоя завершается монтаж металлоконструкций пассажирского терминала

The general contractor LMS has completed the installation of floor trusses and the installation of floor slabs on the second and third (technological) floors. In addition, the installation of roof elements, galleries and sandwich panels on the facade is underway. The silhouette of the future airport terminal with three bridges is already clearly visible. The construction involved 30 units of equipment and more than 400 workers, - said the representatives of the general contractor.

Construction readiness of Arena-Omsk has already reached 35%

The project team ot the general contractor, LMS were introduced to Alexander Dyukov, the Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprom Neft, and Alexander Krylov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Avangard HC. About 1200 people are now working at the facility.

The largest wafer and solar cell factory in Europe will be built in Russia

The Russian company Unigreen Energy has signed a contract with LMS, a subsidiary of the LMS group of companies in Russia, for the construction of the wafer and solar cell factory in the city of Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region.

LMS will build the wafer and solar cell factory in Russia

One of the largest publications in Turkey,, shared the news about the construction of our project in Chernyakhovsk (in Kaliningrad region).

Europe`s largest wafer and solar cell factory will be built by LMS

Turkish media Enerji Ekonomis wrote about the construction of EnCore wafer and solar cell factory at Chernyakhovsk industrial zone in Kaliningrad region.


The international terminal at the Khabarovsk airport is planned to be commissioned in 2023

The general contractor for the construction of the international terminal at the Khabarovsk airport is LMS LLC.

The international terminal at the Khabarovsk airport is planned to be commissioned in 2023
Construction of a new international terminal began at the Khabarovsk airport

The project is being implemented by International Aviation Terminal Khabarovsk JSC with the attraction of borrowed funds from VEB.RF and VEB.DV. The general designer was DC Consultants LLC, the general contractor was LMS LLC.

The construction of the first stage of the Esplanada multifunctional center will be completed in December

Construction work on the first stage of the Esplanada multifunctional center in Perm will be completed in December this year. The contractor «LMS» informs about it.